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Our books are translated into other languages by volunteers and the proceeds of each book support The Mikaere Foundation - a charity for children with Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH), a rare and terminal metabolic disorder. Every book sold brings us closer to a cure.

Our Books...

Eva is a bright, determined girl with a bountiful imagination.

She fills each day with adventures, squeezing in as much as she can before bedtime.  A trip to the moon, cure a rare disease, drive a train? Absolutely. What will today bring?

Eva the Adventurer is the perfect read for inspiring growing minds – great for the girls-can-do-anything mentality.

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Charlie is a crow, who loves to honk! But he doesn’t sound like the other crows…

So he goes on an adventure to find other birds like him! He meets penguins and flamingos and finches, birds from deserts and jungles and underground! They all have different calls, so what does that mean for Charlie?

Charlie is a great read for gentle introducing the ideas of difference and acceptance. Different is okay! Bonus – this book has an added sensory section, including cut outs at the back of the book! So fun!

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Betty the Bee has lost her way!

Can we help her find her home? All aboard our ship, we’ll explore many different gardens to help Betty find her way, to the little hive in the garden by the bay.

This is a gentle exploration of perseverance for young and old alike.

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Where is the Purple Racing Car?

First in the Purple Series! Where is the purple racing car? We’re looking for the purple racing car! Have you seen it? We find many different racing cars.

This is a gentle exploration of perseverance and vocab exposure for young and old alike.

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About the Author

Previously an adventurer, Elly Gedye is now a London based author and illustrator of books for young children.

Determined to encourage more ambitious imaginative play for young girls and to provide more bilingual books, Elly wrote ‘Eva the Adventurer’.

Her books also support NKH Charities – her son has Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia, a rare and terminal metabolic disorder. Elly lives in London with her partner and son. #nkhcansuckit

Children’s books that are bit different to your usual bedtime story.

What gender stereotypes?

Our princesses are more likely to save herself than to wait for her prince. She’ll be train driving, rocketship flying, and opera singing. We hope girls and boys will not be held back by gender stereotypes, and we strive to portray positive gender examples.

Bilingual Books

Sometimes, one parent can speak a language the other doesn’t, and bedtime stories shouldn’t suffer because of it. Sharing the love of languages and learning is a priority for us – all our books will be available in bilingual forms.

If there isn’t a language available and you’d like to see it – let us know!

Diversity Built In

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to find a character your child can relate to. We make a point to include all genders, hair colours, races, religions and skin tones. Diversity. We believe the world is a nicer place when we’re all mixed in together.

Supporting Children’s Charity

All our books support The Mikaere Foundation – a charity for children with Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia. A rare and terminal metabolic disorder.

Thank you for helping fund a cure for our children.

Our books support children with NonKetotic Hyperglycinemia, a rare and terminal metabolic disorder.

It’s hard to explain what NKH is like, as a parent. To watch your baby have countless seizures, miss every milestone and live an incredibly medicalised life. The pain and suffering are heartbreaking. The fear and grief can be overwhelming.

So we have our hope in a cure. Specifically a gene therapy cure. Even more specifically, a cure currently in development by Prof. Nick Greene of UCL in London, UK. We believe he is the closest to a clinical trial. The closest to giving us a future with our son.

Because NKH is so rare (less than 40 children in the UK, less than 500 worldwide) there is little to no awareness. There is little to no funding for research. So we, as parents fund what can. Through local fundraisers, and events and raffles. And children’s books.

Every penny from our books royalties go to The Mikaere Foundation – a charity who raise funds Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia Research – a rare and terminal metabolic children’s disorder.

Thanks to Eva Readers, we’ve sent over £5,600 to NKH Research. Thank you for helping fund a cure for our children.

Our children don't deserve the pain or suffering that comes with NKH. That's why we have hope in a cure for a future with our son.

Elly + SamParents to Mikaere, who has Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH)